This Week in Mobile

Posted March 16th 2016



The desktop and laptop still reign when it comes to our working lives, based on a report published by WSJ but the choice is becoming very confusing.

  • Corporate purchases of traditional desktop and laptop computers have grown over the past decade.
  • Tablets have seen explosive growth as nearly 6 million tablets were sold to midsize and large companies last year, compared with about 131,000 in 2010.



1. Google is making ride-sharing an important part of its Maps update. Now mobile users can compare five new ride-sharing partners with driving, public transportation, walking, bicycling.

2. Building on the success of the BlackbBerry Priv, BlackBerry will create at least one new phone in 2016 that runs on Android.

3. With updates to Google’s design guidelines, Android apps will start looking more like iOS apps.

4. Amazon has filed a patent to let users pay with a selfie. Users will have to do something that proves they’re a real human and not a photo–like smile or blink.

5. Apple has opened its News app up to all publishers. The app, installed on all iOS devices, will rollout a document for News format that lets publishers customize content, including text, photos, videos, and animations.




Taxfyle: Uberize your taxes

We know all This Week in Mobile readers have certainly finished their taxes by now, but just in case you haven’t (ok, we admit to not having started!), there’s now an app that will let you use your phone. In the way that Uber keeps you from having to wait on the street to hail a cab, Taxfyle lets you avoid having to wait around a tax preparer’s office.

The process is pretty simple: Download the app, take a few photos of your forms (or not, if you don’t have them), answer a few questions, and then get a quote and meet your assigned CPA.

Also like Uber, Taxfyle plans on letting their users rate their CPAs. Once a CPA has a high rating they’ll be able to take on more clients, provided they can maintain that rating. Users can expect to pay less than they would with a traditional CPA–Taxfyle estimates the average user will pay $158 (they suggest the average for a traditional CPA is $223).

Taxfyle launched earlier this year and is a free download on the Apple App Store.



MobCon Europe 2016 April 14, 2016 | Sofia, Bulgaria

M2M World Congress April 26-27 | London, UK


Contributed by Tathagata Samanta and Tracy O’Neil