This System Could Changes Sound As We Know It

Posted March 7th 2016


Noveto systems are developing the next-generation of human-machine vocal interface, enabling sound-emitting devices to transmit sound beams to the user’s ears only, without any external hardware on the user.

It’s a combination of cameras and sensors that track the user’s head, using positional 3D face tracking along with wave-shaping algorithms and special transducers that send a focused audio beam into each ear. Through this use of face tracking, Noveto can change where the beam of audio is aimed or fire out multiple beams to people sitting next to each other on a sofa.

There are potentially loads of applications for Noveto – watching TV without disturbing a partner sitting next to you. For gamers, Noveto can also beam separate audio tracks to individual users, so you could have a split-screen game where each player hears something different. It can also provide higher volume for someone hearing-impaired. The technology could just as easily have applications in personal computing, IoT and automobiles.

via ReadWrite