This Store Has Dressing Rooms That Drop Down from the Ceiling

Posted March 11th 2016

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 10.37.48 AM

Toms shoes have opened a pop-up store in Chicago. Within the store is 30 foot wide pixel wall which enables the retailer to broadcast messages across the length of the store. There are interactive tables that detect products placed on them through an RFID chip which is placed on every product. The customers can then read more information about the product.

There are interactive mirrors which can be used to check out product information along with these are also large touch kiosks within the store to allow customers to browse from the extended range or lookup and order products in a size or colour they couldn’t locate in store.

Upon walking in the store, customers will probably wonder where the changing rooms are – that’s because they emerge from the ceiling when the customer requests them.

via Consumerist