Pre-Fab Apartment Turns Empty Offices Into Affordable Housing

Posted March 21st 2016


A simple square kit called the Hub—with a built-in kitchen, shower, and toilet, along with heat, a sound system, and Internet—can be installed in an office, an empty warehouse, or any abandoned space. All that’s needed is access to water and electricity, and installation takes just a few days. You can also add an extra Hub with space for a bed. If the space is later needed for commercial use, the whole thing is designed to come apart just as easily and be moved elsewhere.

It’s designed to help fill the need for more apartments in a quickly growing city where affordable housing is hard to find. “We have a huge target group in Rotterdam for affordable housing,” says Danielle Rungs from Havensteder, an organization that handles housing for low-income people in the city. In 2015, Havensteder held a competition asking for a vision of how people might live in the future. The Hub won for its concept of housing that could almost instantly be installed to meet demand.

via Fast Company