Convenience Store Operated Entirely Via Your Smartphone

Posted March 1st 2016


The store is the brainchild of Robert Ilijason who said he came up with the idea one night after trying to find a supermarket that was open so he could buy baby food for his screaming toddler.

The 39-year-old IT professional now operates a 24-hour shop with no cashier. Customers just need to download the store’s app to get started. The app will grant them the ability to unlock the store’s otherwise locked door.

Once inside, customers can select from an assortment of basic goods including bread, milk, sugar, canned food, diapers and other products you’d expect to find in a small convenience store. The shop measures just 480 square feet so there’s not really a lot of room for non-essential incidentals.

Customers are billed for their purchases via monthly invoice.

via TechSpot