Can a Pay-per-story News Service Save Journalism?

Posted March 23rd 2016


Blendle is betting that people are still willing to pay for journalism, but instead of charging them on a subscription basis, it’s charging per article. On average, newspaper articles will cost somewhere between 19 cents and 39 cents, while magazine stories will cost between 9 and 49 cents.

Publishers get to keep 70 percent of that money. And there are no ads.

This might sound suspiciously like fantasies from years past that micropayments would save journalism. But there are a couple of key distinctions. The biggest one is the simplicity of Blendle’s approach — this is all content in the Blendle app and website, so once you’ve provided your credit card information, you don’t have to worry about payment anymore. Blendle will just automatically charge you when you need to fill up your account.

In addition, you should only be charged for stories that you actually like, rather than random clickbait that tricks you into reading. If you read an article and it wasn’t what you were expecting, or if you just don’t like it, you can get a refund. You do need to select the reason for the refund, whether it’s because “the price is too high” or “the article is too short” or whatever, but that should only take a second.

via TechCrunch