Microsoft Wants You To Make Movies with HoloLens

Posted March 16th 2016


The developer kit for Microsoft’s HoloLens ships at the end of this month, and the company is busy showing off new apps and experiences for the augmented reality headset. The latest is Actiongram, an AR movie maker that allows users to shoot videos of people interacting with holograms. The app isn’t intended to compete with the special effects of a Hollywood green screen, but Microsoft wants HoloLens owners to create fun, short, and shareable clips for social media.

Videos of the app in action show users selecting from a menu of AR characters (including dinosaurs, astronauts, cats, and zombies) before placing them in real life settings — their front room or bathroom, for example. There seem to be a number of preset actions for each character, as well as the option to record dialogue, and then it’s up to human actors to interact with them. The end result kind of feels like an augmented reality version of Microsoft’s 1995 

via The Verge