Esports May Bring Arcades Back to Life

Posted March 16th 2016


Killer Queen is a 10-player experience that pits two teams of five against each other in an enviroment similar to the classic Joust, which tasked players with maneuvering flapping birds around the screen and killing opponents by landing on them. What makes Killer Queen unique, however, is its platform. It’s only for arcades.

Most consider arcades a dying format, with cabinets usually showing up in movie theater lobbies or hipster bars in trendy cities. However, Killer Queen is the rare, new arcade game worth talking about. Esports are a huge market, with market research firm Newzoo expecting the sector to grow to $1.1 billion by 2019. However, most popular esports games are online and on PC or consoles.

That you can’t play Killer Queen at home is a deliberate choice of the developers. However, the Internet is still an important tool for the game, since players use social media networks to plan when they’ll play together. Some players will also stream tournaments on Twitch.

Right now, only about 10 Killer Queen machines exist in public, but BumbleBear Games is creating new cabinets. DeBonis noted that it hasn’t been an easy road for them, but they have started making money with Killer Queen. So, maybe the arcade revolution isn’t imminent, but this classic format might be crawling its way back to relevancy.

via VentureBeat