Connected Gloves Brings Data to Boxing

Posted March 11th 2016


It’s estimated that 35 million people train in sports like boxing, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts. And while there are many wearables and sensors aimed at ensuring that the right number of calories are being burned or you’re exercising optimally, Hykso has emerged to help combatants throw better punches. It uses a wrist sensor that provides a mobile app with real-time data that can be analyzed to make you a better fighter.

The company has launched a presale campaign, allowing you to purchase two sensors, a charging station, and access to the companion app for $220. A premium version that will deliver more performance data is also available for elite professional coaches and athletes.

Approximately 35 gyms have already been working with Hykso during its private beta. Testers include athletes like WBA world champion Javier Fortuna, undefeated professional boxing star Omar Figueroa, undefeated Golden Boy prospect Rashidi Ellis, and sports-science “guru” Victor Conte.

via VentureBeat