Standup Comedy, Dungeons & Dragons Come to VR

Posted February 4th 2016


AltspaceVR, an interesting little virtual world that’s officially coming to Samsung’s Gear VR. AltspaceVR is something like Second Life, but it’s focused almost exclusively on shared experiences rather than crafting or commerce. The avatars above are stylized in order to avoid any dips into the uncanny valley, but they’re surprisingly good at mimicking body language — on Gear VR, your virtual head turns alongside your real one, and you move around a room by staring at a space and tapping to teleport forward.

AltSpaceVR can be used for casual socializing, but recently, it’s best known for its events. Last year, it organized what was probably the world’s first virtual realityDungeons & Dragons tournament, and it invited journalists to participate in a virtual press conference to announce its Gear VR alpha testing. It regularly holds streaming parties for e-sports tournaments. More recently, it’s hosted a virtual reality improv comedy night, and it keeps a calendar of future events on its website.

via The Verge