Text Someone Using Their License Plate Number

Posted February 22nd 2016


We’ve all heard the occasional car alarm going off down the street, or a car with its lights on wasting its battery away — and you can’t really do much unless you know who owns the car. Well, as the saying goes — there’s an app for that.

Or rather, there’s an app that’s trying to fix that. Plext is an iOS and Android app that lets people anonymously message each other based on their license plate numbers, and while it sounds like a great idea, there are a number of limitations it has that doesn’t make it as useful as you could hope.

First of all, you need to download the app to be able to see messages from these good Samaritans, or if you want to send messages yourself. So texting a license plate number via Plext when there’s something wrong won’t really guarantee that the person will be able to see it, unless they have also downloaded the app.

But how would you know if someone has the app? You can’t, unless they make it known themselves that they’re on Plext. The company’s current solution is offering cards people can print and stick under the windshield for people they send Plexts to. Which means you’re basically carrying Plext business cards — not exactly a solution most people would partake in.

via Digital Trends