Mattel is Making a 3D Printing Toy Studio For Kids

Posted February 16th 2016


The ThingMaker 3D is a $300 3D printer that pairs with an app to allow kids to create a wide range of toys than span both jewelry and figurines. The companion app that operates the printer is actually a very sophisticated 3D modeling software that lets kids or parents render new toys straight from their tablet or smartphone. You can wirelessly transmit your designs directly from your touchscreen device to the printer.

Because the software was outsourced to autodesk, it actually works with other 3D printers too—not just the ThingMaker 3D. But that probably won’t matter for most people because other 3D printers aren’t nearly as affordable or as well built at this price. 

The ThingMaker Design app is already available on iOS and Android and comes loaded with dozens of blueprints that include things like rings, necklaces, scorpions, skeletons, and more. You can pick different colors for different parts of the toy you’re printing out, and you can also customize new toys using simple ball-and-socket joints that are printed on many of the pieces.

via Gizmodo