Augmented Reality Book Requires No Apps or Glasses

Posted February 23rd 2016


Creative studio Convivial has revealed how they built this digital screen-free AR experience. And lthough the AR system relies on openFrameworks and different add-ons from that community, complex coding is still necessary.

In the software, patches from the images of the pages are recorded and turned into markers for the ferns. This lets the computer identify the page and track its relative location and position through the cameras on the Kinect. After the markers are in place and the tracking is reliable, the augmented reality content must be added to the software.

In the end, the results are beautiful and exactly how augmented reality is imagined to be: right there and visible to the naked eye. There are no glasses or limiting LCD displays to contend with. The digital content was actually on paper, albeit temporarily. Of course, mapping and projection aren’t new but this project presents a viable alternative to current AR methods. It’s also impressive how the entire setup was built with familiar devices without any soldering or hardware tampering.

via PSFK