This Week in Mobile

Posted January 20th 2016



Research from Accenture reveals that just 2 percent of patients in the largest U.S. hospitals are currently using hospital-provided mobile health apps.

Accenture estimates that failure to align mobile apps to the services consumers’ demand could cost each of these hospitals, on average, more than $100 million in lost annual revenue.



1. Augmented reality for trying on makeup is a booming business. Mirror-based augmented reality, powered by ModiFace’s industry-leading facial simulation technology, has emerged as a fundamental pillar of interactive marketing for 50+ beauty brands. These brands use ModiFace to realistically simulate their products on user’s live video in stores and mobile apps.

2. dokiWatch, a wearable, tracker, and smartphone all rolled into a kid-friendly package, easily exceeded their crowdfunding goal this week.

3. Google is launching a new Android app for its Expeditions Pioneer Program, which lets students use Google Cardboard to explore exotic locations. Google has been focusing on the education market to drive adoption of its virtual reality platform.

4. Traditional banks are playing catch-up to the “fintech” start-ups and technology giants that are attracting younger users.

5. Facebook-owned WhatsApp is now completely free to its 1 billion users and has recommitted to its ad-free policy.



Music Memos

Apple released a brand new app for iOS devices called Music Memos that allows songwriters to quickly and easily record audio and develop song ideas. So like Apple’s old Voice Memos app, you can quickly start recording snippets of audio, but the Music Memos app adds features for musicians including automatic notation so you can see the chords you’re playing. The app will build a song by analyzing what you’re playing and automatically adding in, for example, drum and bass parts. Additionally, you’ll find a built-in tuner tucked under the icon in the upper right-hand corner of the app.

Once you’re ready to take the Music Memo and start an actual composition, you’ll be able to access the recordings from within Garageband or Logic Pro across all your devices. You can also email your Music Memos to share your ideas with collaborators, or for those that distribute music on Apple Music, share directly to your Apple Music Connect artist profile page.

It’s simple by design, and there are surely many apps like it already in the App Store. But this one is free, and it’s made by Apple. Those two things alone guarantee that plenty of musicians will be giving it a try over the next few days and weeks.



Mobile Healthcare Summit January 26-27, 2016 | Toronto, Canada

Mobile World Congress February 22-25, 2016 | Barcelona, Spain

Connected Cars March 15, 2016 | Detroit, MI, USA


Contributed by Tathagata Samanta and Tracy O’Neil