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Posted January 13th 2016



Mobile Industry Review reports that Strategy Analytics recently conducted a smart home survey, looking at the most popular technologies and the relevant consumer segments. It’s a fascinating insight into the possibilities for smart homes in the UK.

Here are some of the key findings:

  • The number of UK households with some form of smart home system has increased 30% on last year to 4.0 million in 2015 – 14% of homes in the UK
  • The average smart home will spend £256 on the technology, equating to a market size of £940 million. In comparison, US homes average £541

The analysis identified six distinct consumer segments – three of which are realistic for purchasing smart home systems and services. In order of likelihood they are:

  • Impressers (11%) – skew towards slightly younger females in higher income, connected device households. This group has an interest in motion-sensing camera tech
  • Millennial Males (9%) – under 35, more likely not to have children and live in flats. Again spike in interest for motion sensing camera tech
  • Green Nesters (8% of the population) – married families owning multiple smartphones and tablets. Much greater interest in smart home tech around occupancy-sensing systems for lights and heating



1. The Top 10 Trends from CES 2016: The Internet of Things has become useful; virtual reality could transform digital art; household appliances are getting an overhaul; smartphone innovation is slowing; cars are getting smart, but not smart enough; simulators are getting serious, and more…

2. Ford’s FordPass could be the next big disruptor for car ownershipThis week at Detroit’s North American International Auto Show, Ford introduced a smartphone app called FordPass that helps motorists find parking, rent out their personal cars while traveling without their cars, learn more about mobility needs, and communicate with the Fords they own about the car’s status. There’s also a loyalty rewards program with points redeemable at (so far) 7-Eleven and McDonald’s.

3. Will you like to use your Apple Watch as a universal remote? Peel extended their iPhone universal remote app to Apple Watch, which will let you control your TV, Bluray players, streaming media devices from your wrist.

4. Pretty much every automaker will support CarPlay in their 2016 and 2017 modelsApple revealed a list of over 100 car models that will allow users to replicate their iPhone’s features on the central console.

5. Google Maps for Android can now guess where you’re headedIn the new Driving Mode feature, the app guesses where the user wants to go and helps them navigate there.




Yahoo Video Guide

In this age of cord-cutting, the problem of finding something to watch has been a problem of discovery. Is that new show on Hulu? Netflix? A network app? Some other service? Yahoo! has attempted to help viewers wade through the choices and find something to watch.

Yahoo Video Guide does two things differently from other guides to streaming content. First, it helps you find content on the services you already subscribe to by analyzing the apps you have installed and suggesting content from those services first. Second, it provides a “mood analyzer” to help users discover content that matches their mood, a la Songza.

In addition to these innovative features, Yahoo Video Guide offers features users have come to expect: Rotten Tomato scores are integrated, suggestions for “related” content you might also be interested in, details about actors, writers, and directors, and quick access to begin viewing the content.

Regardless of the functionality and usefulness of an app like this, the biggest challenge Yahoo Video Guide faces is in getting users to open a third-party app to discover content instead of opening their streaming service apps directly.

Yahoo Video Guide is available as a free download from the Google Play store and Apple’s App Store.



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Contributed by Tathagata Samanta and Tracy O’Neil