Taco Bell’s App Lets You Build Your Own Franken-Taco

Posted January 25th 2016


After nuking its social media accounts and going dark to drum up buzz, Taco Bell is launching its first dedicated app for iPhone and Android that lets you order whatever you want, from wherever you are. The idea is to funnel the fast food chain’s online following over to its new application. It works like this: After you sync your credit or debit card, you select whatever it is you want to eat. Place your order, stroll over to the nearest Taco Bell, and—ta-da!—a piping hot bag of Mexican Pizzas and bean burritos will await your arrival.

Design-wise, the software is a far cry from other food ordering apps like GrubHub or Chipotle; Taco Bell’s app is what would happen if an Instagram filter fell in love with Seamless and had a baby.

But underneath the sheen of millennial-ness is a platform designed around customization, which is what’s really at the heart of the application. The general idea behind the app is to “open up” Taco Bell’s secret kitchen to the masses, allowing anyone to create whatever burrito/taco/nacho monstrosity their imaginations can dream up. Guacamole, bacon, jalapenos, Baja sauce, Doritos taco shells—all are at your gastronomical disposal.

via Fast Company