On-Demand Ride Service For Kids Launches in Bay Area

Posted January 21st 2016


Zum is an on-demand ride and care service for kids in the 5 to 15 age range that launches out of beta today. Through the Zum app, parents can summon a driver for their kid in the same way they’d summon an Uber vehicle, with the tap of a button. The app provides a photo of the assigned driver and their vehicle, along with their personal background. Parents can track the car’s location and are notified when their child is picked up and dropped off. Payment and reviews all happen inside the app, as well

Since launching its pilot program in the Bay Area last July, Zum has added roughly 500 families to its list of customers. Of those, 90% use the service every week and 40% use it every day. Zum is in direct competition with a similar service in the Bay Area called Shuddle, but appeals to parents with kids between the ages of 5 and 8 who might still need a booster seat. Shuddle only provides rides for kids aged 8 and up. Zum also offers a child care component, so if kids need extra supervision before or after being dropped off, Zumers will stick around.

via Fast Company