Touch Your Ear to Hear Voicemail on Samsung’s Smartwatch

Posted January 11th 2016


Called TipTalk, the technology that can send sound from your smartwatch through your arm so when you touch your finger to your ear, you can hear a call or a voicemail—no headphones required.

The technique looks similar, if not identical, to research shared by Disney back in 2013, which used a modified microphone to conduct sound through your body to your ear on contact. In Disney’s case, it turned sound into electricity, piped it through your body, and then treated your ear as an electrostatic speaker—basically vibrating your ear the same way a speaker’s diaphragm vibrates. Now Samsung appears to have miniaturized such technology into wearable form (though there’s no word on whether or not it’ll make its way into Samsung’s own smartwatches soon).

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