Amazon Is Ready to Start Automatically Restocking Your Home

Posted January 19th 2016


Amazon today flipped the switch, so to speak, on its Dash Replenishment Service, enabling a few of its partners to actually begin auto-reordering consumable goods for customers. These partners include Brother International, General Electric, and Gmate, which makes “smart” blood glucose monitors.

Around 45 different connected Brother printers will be issued a software update that allows users go to the Brother website, link their printer accounts with Amazon’s service, and let Brother and Amazon reorder ink and toner for them.¬†GE’s $1,100 washing machine with “SmartDispense” technology can do the same, only with liquid detergent. And people who use the Gmate smart blood glucose monitor can have their lancets and blood testing strips reordered for them regularly.

The Dash Replenishment program is all a part of Amazon’s grand vision for anticipating peoples’ needs so that the purchasing process, which is already too easy, is as easy as possible, all of which ultimately benefits Amazon (as well as, you know, customers).

via The Verge